Welcome to HHour Arena! Home of the Exclusive Ladder site for SOF Studios Socom Spiritual Successor H Hour. This is where Clans within H Hour will go ahead and setup wars as well as a ladder will track the overall progress of those particular clans!


H-Hour is a hybrid third person and first person shooter. The third person perspective allows players to view their character and provides increased situational awareness—an edge in combat situations. The first person view presents the player with only a reticle and adjusts the field of view so that he has the feeling of being in the thick of it and a naturally enhanced “zoomed in” perspective that provides a twitch play edge.

The ballistics model is perhaps the most complete and authentic of any weapons simulation available in a game. With tweakable parameters for every aspect of firearm performance, every weapon has a distinct and recognizable personality built from a foundation of real world weapons data. Learn more